Thin Film Evaporator (Short Path Distillator)

Our thin-film evaporator is capable of continuous distillation and excels in distillation of thermally unstable compounds and high-boiling point compounds. This equipment allows a smooth scale-up from testing- to production-scale.


This equipment is excellent for purification of sublimating compounds at high temperature or in high vacuums. In particular, it allows purification of materials that are difficult to purify by column chromatography, such as organic semiconductor materials and organic electronic materials.

Teflon-coating reactor

For ozonation and fluorination reactions

Noteworthy features of our reactor include an antistatic Teflon coating with superior corrosion-resistant property and washability (150 L capacity, 2-stage vertical agitators), and a wide operable range at low temperatures (-100 to 120℃).
These features allow application for reactions including ozonation (max 130 g/h), fluorination, and reactions using organometallic reagents.

Linear Temperature Controller

Provides precise temperature control

Our SUS, 1,000 L reactor is equipped with large, vertical 2-stage agitator vanes and uses a silicone oil-based heat transfer medium in a single-medium temperature control system (-70 to 120℃).
Its capability for program-based temperature control (cascade control) without switching of jacket media allows use in operations such as cooling crystallization where a temperature gradient is applied.