We adopt policies and engage in activities relating to the environment, safety, and quality respectively.

Environmental Policy

We recognize that efforts to protect the global environment and become a sustainable company are one of the most crucial issues for management, and we declare that in all our corporate activities, we will make active contributions to global environmental conservation efforts.

Environmental Activities

KNC Laboratories has a management program for storing and handling chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution.
We received ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification in 2003.

Certificate ISO14001:2015
Certified Offices Kobe Plant, KNC Bio-Research Center, Izumo First Plant, Izumo Second Plant
Scope of Activity Contract Research, Development and Manufacture of APIs, their Intermediates, Organic Chemicals for Electronics and Other Custom-made Chemicals
Registration Certificate No. JCQA-E-0522
Certification Body Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd.

Safety Policy

We recognize that a safe workplace is fundamental to our business, we make every effort for good occupational health and safety in our business activities.

Safety Activities

KNC Laboratories treats "Safety first" as a fundamental policy, adheres to laws and regulations, and strives to create a safe and healthy workplace, free from accidents and disasters.
Through the activities of its Safety and Health Committee, we engage in continuous improvement implemented by collection of safety- and hygiene-related information and its own unique initiatives.

Quality Policy

Through continuous improvement of our advanced production technologies and superior quality management systems, we make every effort to assure customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products, at suitable prices, on promised deadlines.

Quality Activities

KNC Laboratories received ISO9001 Quality Management Certification in 2002. Since then, we achieve quality assurance as customer's development phase or product requirements from ensuring the reliability of acquired data in the early development standardization for commercial production. We are continuously improving our QA program, including the manufacturing process to assure quality and meet our customers’ quality requirement.

Certificate ISO9001:2015
Certified Units Fine Chemicals Division (Iwaoka Plant, Kobe Plant, Izumo Plant),
Biotechnology Division (KNC Bio-Research Center),
Sales & Marketing Division (Head Office, Sales Office (Tokyo))
Scope of Activity Contract Research, Development, Manufacture and Sales of Organic Chemicals for Electronics, Agrochemicals and Other Custom-made Chemicals
Registration Certificate No. JCQA-1138
Certification Body Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd.