Hitoshi Miyauchi (Representative Director and Chairman), Takuya Maoka (Representative Director and President)
Hitoshi Miyauchi
Representative Director and Chairman
Takuya Maoka
Representative Director and President

Aiming to be a company that takes pleasure in science

KNC Laboratories was established in 1985 as a contract research and development company in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and functional materials. Since then, our mission has been to assist clients in a wide range of processes from research and development to mass production with the help of technologies like synthetic organic chemistry and biochemistry. Today, we are proud to be doing business with approximately 150 companies and research institutes every year.

As for our future direction, we are committed to focusing on development, which has been in our DNA since our founding, and which is one of the management principles espoused in "Our Goals" policy. Going forward, we will continue to contribute to the world through science and technology, another one of "Our Goals", in the unique way of KNC Laboratories and while taking pleasure in science, with the goal of becoming an indispensable and necessary company to society.

We will continue to focus on value-added management and, as a manufacturing company meeting the demands of our clients, we will actively engage in projects involving mass production, even considering making investments in order to enhance our production capacity. At the same time, as a company devoted to research and development since its establishment, we will assist clients in developing the new products they aim for through the pursuit of creativity and originality and with overwhelming speed. KNC Laboratories aims to continue being a company that "everyone is grateful it exists" and that "will always get things done." It goes without saying that safety will always be our utmost priority. We will continue to embrace the uniqueness of KNC Laboratories, which allows us to create new value in a way that only we can. To that end, we will invest in the equipment and human resources required for advanced, cutting-edge technologies, reliably secure resources, continue to utilize subsidies for national projects in the three areas constituting the pillars of our company (the functional materials business, the pharmaceutical business, and the biotechnology business), as well as actively collaborate with academia and venture companies in creating value though new businesses.

On a different note, we consider sustainability management and ESG initiatives as an investment to be recovered through business activities rather than a cost, and we will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable global environment through all of our corporate activities while setting specific goals commensurate to our capabilities by living up to the expectations and trust of our clients, shareholders, employees, and all other stakeholders and fulfilling our responsibilities as a company, namely a public entity of society, while embracing the uniqueness of KNC Laboratories in creating new value.

The world is presently undergoing major changes due to the effects of the COVID pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. As a result, rising prices have become a significant issue. Such unpredictable changes present a challenge as well as an opportunity for companies. While on the one hand it has become necessary to revise flexible management strategies and strengthen risk management, it is also important to hastily respond to changes in client’s needs and markets. Our rapidly changing society demands that we constantly anticipate future developments and flexibly respond to them. We believe that the future is not simply a repetition of the past and that we can continue to develop by changing ourselves. We want to keep moving forward without hesitation and without being swayed by fashionable slogans. Since I have accepted the great responsibility of being president, I will do all I can to the best of my limited abilities to develop the company's business together with Hitoshi Miyauchi, representative director, and to properly manage it together with our employees. My sincere wish is for all of us to work together on tackling management issues and to develop as a company that takes pleasure in science based on the vision of what we want to be in the future, and what we want to achieve in 50 and 100 years from now. To this end, I ask in earnest for your continued support, guidance, and encouragement.

KNC Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President

Takuya Maoka