Through our insourced services for functional materials and agrichemicals, we take "speed and readiness" as our motto to provide broad and consistent support services from basic research to OEM production.
Our support is tailored to each customer’s development phase and covers a wide range of supported fields, including agrichemical products, organic EL, functional pigments, semiconductor materials, solar cells, functional polymers, liquid crystals, and OPC.

Basic Research Phase

Insourcing is also available on request like structural formula alone.

We provide support for your basic research phase.
Particularly in the short basic research period of screening, we deploy our technical strengths and our considerable arsenal of analytical instruments to provide the "speedy" support that is part of the KNC motto. We provide in-house investigation for any type of customer demand in efforts to meet customer expectations.
Demands we can meet include the following.

  • “Can you produce a compound with a structure like this?”
  • “We want to develop a compound with this type of function. Can you propose a compound that's easy to produce?”
  • “This compound seems difficult to synthesize, but we’d like to do it.”
  • “We have a method for synthesis. Could you do the work?”

Development Phase

We can optimize synthesis methods.

Support for this phase is the area where KNC excels.
Using our years of experience in this area, and KNC's proprietary, medium-scale synthesis equipment, we optimize synthesis processes.
We also provide support directed toward the following types of product commercialization.

  • Standardization of synthesis methods for use in production
  • Investigation and procurement of raw materials providing a stable supply
  • Optimization of analytical methods and stabilization of quality

Industrial Scaling and Production Phase

Stable supply and stable quality is our focus.

We support production of fully industrialized, commercial compounds.
We prepare production control, change control, procurement control, and quality assurance systems.