Period-defined Research
FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)
Insourced Research

Selected project managers provide programmatic, efficient development support.

For long-term projects requiring a defined period, or for repetitive, immediate synthesis contracts, KNC can accommodate these and other needs with “period-defined research.”
We secure client-dedicated project managers who provide a research staff matched to the volume of your work, at the staffing level you need, for the time frame required.

Speedy and efficient, without the need for administration in typical immediate synthesis insourcing, including researched estimates, ordering, and written agreements.
You can also manage insourcing-related costs programmatically.

Our services are also extremely efficient in areas such as experimental synthesis with compound design support in early-phase research, synthesis of compounds and intermediates for evaluation, and optimal synthesis conditions.
KNC has nearly 20 years of experience in these arrangements for R&D support, and the acclaim of many of our customers.