Management Principle

KNC Laboratories' founder crafted OUR GOAL when he started business in 1985. He recognized the importance of CSR in the day far before the word "CSR" became popular among business people in Japan. Since then the social responsibility has been essential part of KNC Laboratories' management. OUR GOAL is to contribute to society with good behavior as a corporate citizen, pursuing prosperity of our society, our partners, and our company.

Our Goal

  1. We contribute to society with chemical technology and good corporate management. We aim for an excellent company to earn reasonable profit. Our business bases on technology and good management system.
  2. We work for the better of society, and we keep away from social ills. We do our utmost to ensure industrial safety and preserve environment. We absolutely exclude businesses related to chemical weapons, illegal drugs, and other social ills.
  3. We pursue reasonable growth of our company. We seek continuous development. We encourage innovation and challenge, under management to avoid critical failure.
  4. We work together for mutual prosperity of those business partners that accept our policies. We strengthen our partnership by collaboration, co-development, and joint-venture.
  5. We behave as a good corporate citizen to achieve OUR GOAL. Our company and employees act as a citizen of society and pursue OUR GOAL to be an excellent company.