Business name KNC Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Date of incorporation January 22, 1985
Capital ¥1,995,106,630
Representative Takuya Maoka, Representative Director and President
No. of employees 302 (as of April 1, 2023)
Description of business Research, development, and production solutions for organic chemicals
Banks of account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, MUFG Bank, Ltd., The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman Hitoshi Miyauchi
Representative Director and President Takuya Maoka
Executive Managing Director Masahiro Neya (Director of Pharmaceutical Division, Managing officer of Bio Technology Business)
Director Ryuichi Inoue (General Manager of Corporate Strategy Department, Managing officer of Human Resources)
Director Yasuhide Kuriyama (General Manager of General Affairs Department, Managing officer of Finance & Accounting)
Director Hidemi Yoshida (Director of Fine Chemicals Division, General Manager of Fine Chemicals Quality Assurance Dept.)
Director Mitsukuni Mouri
Director Osamu Maruyama
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshihiro Takagi
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshihisa Tsukamoto
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masami Shigematsu
Executive Officers
Corporate Officer Jun-ichi Miyahara (Director of Bio Technology Division, General Manager of Life Science Dept.)
Corporate Officer Takamitsu Nagakawa (Director of Sales & Marketing Division, General Manager of Sales & Marketing Dept.)
Corporate Officer Kimihiro Kamasaka (General Manager of Fine Chemicals Dept. II)
Corporate Officer Koji Matsuo (General Manager of Business Management Dept.)


January 1985 KNC Laboratories Co., Ltd. incorporated (Nishi-ku, Kobe) with ¥10 million in capital
February 1988 Iwaoka Plant established (Nishi-ku, Kobe)
May 1988 Capital increase to ¥25 million
May 1992 Capital increase to ¥50 million, Tokyo Sales Office opened
October 1993 Ichikawa Laboratory opened (Ichikawa-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo)
August 1997 Head office transferred (Okubo-cho, Akashi)
April 2001 Izumo Plant established (Izumo, Shimane)
November 2002 Head office transferred (Seishin Industrial Park, Nishi-ku, Kobe), Kobe Laboratory opened
June 2003 Daichi Kasei Co., Ltd. acquired (sold October 2010)
October 2003 KNC Laboratories, Inc. incorporated in US (closed July 2007)
Merger company Dashen Yiyao Huagong (Taicang) Youxian Gongsi incorporated in China
December 2003 Kobe Plant established (co-located with Head office and Kobe Laboratory)
June 2005 KNC Bioresearch Center opened (High-Tech Park, Nishi-ku, Kobe)
April 2007 KNC-Tsukuba Laboratory opened (within University of Tsukuba; closed March 2012)
October 2007 Dashen Yiyao Huagong (Taicang) Youxian Gongsi became a wholly-owned subsidiary (sold December 2016)
October 2009 Izumo Plant No. 2 established
August 2012 Capital increase to ¥100 million
March 2018 Listed on Mothers market, Tokyo Stock Exchange
December 2019 Head office and Kobe Laboratory transferred (Port Island, Chuo-ku, Kobe)
April 2022 Transistion to Growth market, Tokyo Stock Exchange