Based on our experience and a broad array of technologies we have developed, KNC provides consistent support for drug discovery research, process research and development, and medicine R&D and production in every stage up to GMP production of clinical trial drugs and ingredients.

Investigation and Drug Discovery Research Phase

Supporting proposal-based chemistry research for drug discovery through fusion of basic technologies.

Recent years have seen a succession of remarkable developments in drug discovery research technologies.
At KNC, we unite various basic technologies in a quest to support a higher level of drug discovery, one with additional value to meet a variety of demands from our customers in the area of drug discovery research.
KNC fuses the synthetic organic technologies and purification technologies that we have made our strengths to support and deliver chemistry research for drug discovery that begins in new proposal-form.
In the process, we produce secondary metabolites using genetically modified microorganisms; manufacture enzymes and other proteins; and construct and manufacture expression systems for bioconversion-derived conversion products.

The combinatorial synthesizer demonstrates its power
primarily in liquid-phase synthesis (LC-MS and centrifugal concentrator)

Development Phase

Biotechnology adds to our wealth of experience and accomplishments in organic synthesis.

For KNC, development is the most experienced and accomplished stage of activity.
In the early development phase, we complete synthesis and research using insourced materials including candidate compounds and derivatives, control drugs, stable isotope-labeled compounds, metabolites and catabolites, and other drug development-related compounds; peptides, nucleic acids and sugars and chemical libraries.
To provide various, requested compounds quickly and at high quality, we consult with customers to propose research and investigation for the best possible synthesis method. In further stages, we also provide robust support for activities including scale up studies and clinical trial bulk drug substance production.
In this phase, we are also able to handle the often inevitable process of column purification (with 250 L and 300 L columns).
As in our functional materials business, KNC proposes completion at the best possible site among multiple locations, each with its own special characteristics,
that are designated for work in our pharmaceutical business.
KNC also performs culturing, not synthesis alone.
We undertake industrialization-oriented investigation and production for culturing and separation/purification of batch sizes up to 5,000 L.

150 L Teflon-coating, ultra-low temperature reactor with program controller (used primarily for ozone oxide reactions)

Industrial Scaling and Production Phase

Our Izumo Plant forms the apex of insourced manufacturing by KNC.

In Izumo Plant pharmaceutical bulk drug substances and intermediates are manufactured with cGMP-compliant facilities equipped with a full array of hardwares and software, including 22 different reactor vessels with capacities up to 6,000 L, sealed (continuous) centrifuges and jet mills.
With our substantial experience in drug substance manufacturing for clinical trials using a variety of reactions, customers can rest assured when sourcing their development stage to us.
Our Izumo Plant also holds a pharmaceutical manufacturer license and a psychotropic drug manufacturer and formulator license.

Dedicated drug milling equipment at Izumo Plant