Our short path distillator performs continuous distillation in which a liquid sample is introduced at the top of the vertical distillation vessel, and an internal roller wiper forms a thin film on the inner wall of the distillation vessel. Its condensation plane has a relative configuration close to the evaporation plane, which minimizes pressure loss due to sample evaporation and allows distillation in a medium vacuum range (up to 0.1 Pa).
By allowing distillation in a medium vacuum range and a short distillation time (from several seconds to less than 1 minute), our distillator is notable for allowing distillation of high-boiling point materials and thermosensitive materials which can be challenging for batched, simple distillation.

KNC can accommodate a wide range of scales from test samples to full manufacturing and accepts demands beginning in the process development phase. For example, in distillation studies for thermosensitive materials, we can accomplish safe scale-up through a number of investigations, including preparatory investigation through thermal analysis, and observed distillation using equipment constructed with glass.

Processing capacity: up to 1 kg/h
Processing capacity: 25 to 75 kg/h

Usage Examples

Methacrylic acid derivatives, acetylene derivatives, high boiling point compounds (260℃/0.1 Pa)